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Video Remote Interpreting VRI for Business by Video-Remote-Interpreting.com



Video-remote-Interpreting.com provides quality (VRI) video remote interpreting services in American Sign Language (ASL) and Spanish for Business. We offer you access to a pool of qualified Sign language and Spanish interpreters familiar with business terminology to help you communicate with Deaf and Non English Speaking business partners, employees and clients for both scheduled and Non scheduled visits for such events as

  • Business Meeting
  • Interviews
  • Business Training Session
  • Business Conferences
  • Research activities
  • Webinars and more.

Using Interp-via-video will eliminate 2 hour min charges , increase your organizations access to screened trained Sign language and Spanish interpreters; while increasing response times for events that require interpreter assistance. Interp-via-video is Ideal for use in business environments, when local interpreters are not available or services are required urgently. Our Video interpreting services is can be accessed via videophones, web cams and conventional video conferencing equipment. To schedule a video remote interpreting session or Find out more about Video-remote-interpreting.com call our office at 212 -202-5589 or us or on-line Request form.


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