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Video Remote Interpreting Equipment Needed for Communication with Deaf and LEP - Interp-Via-Video

Video-remote-interpreting.com offers Interp-via-video an simple to use video interpreting solution that can be accessed via Web or using video conferencing Equipment such as via Desktop PC , labtop and webcam solutions , videophones and conventional video conferencing equipment provided by Major manufactures of video conferencing devices and solutions. Using Interp-via-video is Easy to use, Cost Effective and ADA Compliant.

we recommend the following video communication Equipment to connect to our Video Interpreting Service.

  • Interp-via-videocart - provided by video-remote-interpreting.com
  • A Desktop Computer of Laptop - Webcam Logitech C920 ,C910, C615, 5000 pro - Speakers
  • High speed broadband Internet access such as cable, T1,DSL,SDSL or ISDN connection at (384 kbps upload/download speed (512 kbps recommended))
  • Videophone using SIP and H323 protocols, compatible with VRS services providers
  • Set top television video conferencing equipment - purchased from following vendors Dlink i2eye, Sorensen, VP, Ojo, Polycom, Tandberg, Sony and Emblazed
  • Video conferencing software such as NetMeeting , Polycom PVX

Our Tech support is available to assistance with training and installation of video conferencing equipment that will enable your organization to deploy and utilize HIPPA compliant (Interp- via- video) video remote interpreting service effectively and quickly.

To schedule a video remote interpreting session; Find out more about Video-remote-interpreting.com , Equipment or videophones needed to help you communicate via video confernce with Deaf or LEP Clients call our office at 212 -202-5589 or us or Free on-line Request form.




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