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FAQ Things you need to know VRI


We welcome your desire to find out more about Video-Remote- Interpreting.com, Below we have listed a few detail that may answer some of your questions related to the services offered; please feel free to browse the links below and don't hesitate to give us a call with questions you may have.


Frequently Asked Questions

Question 7. How do I schedule Interpreting services for future events?

Scheduling Interpreting services for future event is easy , after you have successfully registered with our service you'll have the ability to schedule Interpreting and track all request on-line. click here to open an account --- > Account Setup.

Question 8. How do I request a Demonstration?

Requesting a Demonstration of Interp-Via-Video in action is Easy click on the link below, then fill in the demo request form a Video-Remote-Interpreting.com Rep will contact you to coordinate a demonstration. -----> Demonstration Request

Question 9. How do I request additional information about Interp-Via-Video?

To request additional information about Video-remote-Interpreting.com call 212 -202-5589 or use our on-line info request form a representative will contact you to answer your questions.




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