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  Mej video Remote Interpreters Interpreting ASL via Ploycom Certified Sign language interpreter singing on Stage hospital ambalance reponding to medical emergency  
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Video Remote Interpreting Price , Cost of Interp-Via-Video VRI



Video remote Interpreting has been developed to reduce your cost for Interpreting Services by eliminating travel expenses. Please contact our office to get information related to remote video Interpreting services cost. The Rates or price for video remote Interpreting services will vary depending on the specific needs of an organization, events or individuals. Our Management Team will work closely with you to address your technical concerns and develop a cost effective solution that reduces cost associated with interpreting services; while increasing access to qualified and certified interpreters.

We are currently seeking organizations to participate in a pilot projects. Please contact office if interested at 212-202-5589.

Interp-via-video is Easy to use , cost Effective and accessible act now to get your project started today.

Remote Video Interpreting save lives, reduces cost , increases levels of patient/client care, comprehension and reduces risk.



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