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VRI What is Video Remote Interpreting


What is Video remote Interpreting ?

Video remoter interpreting is a form of communication that incorporates the use of video conferencing technology and skilled interpreters. VRI allows for you and your Deaf or LEP clients to participate in a secure video conference call with a remotely located interpreter using videophones, desktop and conventional video conferencing solutions. The interpreters are normally stationed in a call center and appear on the screen of video device to provide interpreting services. Video remote Interpreting is Ideal for use in Emergencies when a local interpreter is not available and Scheduled events. Video remote interpreting offers on demand access to qualified interpreters, while eliminating travel charges and increasing an organizations ability to effectively communication with its Deaf or Hard of Hearing and Limited English Speaking (LEP) consumers.

What does Interp-Via-Video (video remote interpreting) do?

The use of video remote interpreting will

  • Greatly reduce your organizations cost for providing interpreting services for Deaf and Spanish clients by eliminating the travel expenses associated with on-site interpreting sessions.
  • Provide on-demand access to trained qualified Sign Language and Spanish interpreters for Deaf and Spanish clients.
  • Reduce the waiting time for qualified interpreters to respond to medical emergencies and unscheduled visits by L.E.P and Deaf and Hard of Hearing clients/patients.
  • Reduce your organization’s liability for non-compliance with regulations such as the American Disabilities Act and Title VI of the Office for Civil Rights.
  • Increase your organization's ability to provide equal access to the services it offers to Deaf and LEP client.
  • Provide additional support for your in-house staff interpreters or local interpreting service provider.

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